NYC Fire Museum May25

NYC Fire Museum

Tucked in between the chic restaurants and faux-boutique shoppes of Spring Street is a wonderful museum with FDNY artifacts and history.  The first time I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn’t hesistate to say firefighter.  25 years later, I’m well into another...

Graduation! May20


2 years ago I didn’t even think I’d be accepted!  My wife and I flew into Pittsburgh to attend my grad school graduation ceremony and spent a nice weekend touring the downtown area.  It’s official – I’m a Master of the...

Router Cabinet May17

Router Cabinet

I love to recycle.  This router cabinet is a Frankenstein of discarded parts and electronics.  The body comes from an old TV cabinet that I chopped in half.  I routed a hole in the top of the new base and slipped the router table in place and bolted it down.  I added a pegboard tool wall on...

The New CNC May12

The New CNC

This CNC was ready to go a few weeks ago, but I’ve made some improvements.  This version of the machine is much more robust than the first.  It features an all metal frame, stronger servos, a better spindle and an aluminum bed.  I’ve added a 1/4″ MDF spoil board to protect...

A New Look May10

A New Look

I’ve changed over from manually coding my site to a content management system called WordPress.  Keep an eye out for more posts!