Nakashima Gallery

Situated on a beautiful 9-acre property in New Hope, Pennsylvania, the Nakashima workshop is both on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and designated as a National Historic Landmark. George Nakashima was an woodworker and architect whose accomplishments in furniture design made him one of the fathers of the American craft movement.  His works often incorporates precise joinery, smooth slabs and unfinished natural edges.  It’s a great balance of fine craftsmanship and a display of the wood’s natural beauty.   I love his approach – in fact, the dining room table I built a few years ago is inspired by his Frenchman’s Cove design.

The property is amazing; the main gallery houses many of his famous works, which are transformations of the beautiful wood slabs waiting in the massive storage barn.  Leading the tour was Mira Nakashima, George’s daughter who took over the studio after his death in 1990.  A talented architect, woodworker and designer, Mira continues to create her own works inspired by her father in a series called Keisho, meaning “continuation”.  Though getting on the tour takes a bit of prior planning (I signed up in June for an October tour date), it’s a excellent way to spend a Saturday for anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and design.