A few years ago I tried my hand at making my own LED Cube. It was a great way to sharpen my design and soldering skills while creating something visually interesting.  When I was planning the old cube, I got some great advice from a researcher, mathematician and artist named Chris Lomont.  Last year at the NY Maker Faire, I met Chris in person and bought one of his Hypnocube kits, a much nicer version of what I made.  This latest cube uses RGB LEDs and a controller board that’s capable of individually addressing each of the diodes.  What this means is that, instead of the random sparkling that my old cube was good for, this is capable of much more interesting displays since each of the LEDs can be told what color to display independently of the others.  The other main difference is that I made this cube in the comfort of my basement, instead of while deployed to a war zone as I had done with the original.

Here are some photos of the build:

Video of the cube in action: