A Monday Addendum Oct17


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A Monday Addendum

It took only a night to realize that I missed a key component of the Weekend Bed for a stress-free night.  While it occurred to me that my little engineer would move around in his sleep, I didn’t think that it would be as much as actually occurred.  Waking up to find him asleep in the other corner of his 400sqft room was funny, but it got me thinking about how I can assist him in staying in place.  I brainstormed on it for a few minutes, and while I had a few thoughts of elaborate Rube Goldberg contraptions and elaborate cantilevers, I ended up going back to the pile of leftover wood from the project.

When I trimmed down the old bed, I removed most of the headboard since it would have been way too large for his bed.  The old headboard, it turns out, would make a perfectly-sized bedrail after a few modifications!