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Farkle Arena

I recently discovered Farkle, a dice game that’s part luck, part skill in probabilities.  I didn’t have a proper training environment for my new interest, so I thought I’d build a box to make it all happen.  The bottom is hardboard laminated to MDF and topped with black felt.  That’s all tucked into a nice birch frame.  For a fairly quick build, about 2 hours in total, I’m very happy with the result.  The miters are tight and the finish is clean.

The dice I ordered came in a loose package. While I wasn’t too happy about, creating a custom case is the perfect job for my new 3D printer.  I took some measurements and I went onto Tinkercad, Autodesk’s browser-based design tool and came up with a design for a new dice case.  The tool is extremely easy to use and is definitely a new favorite.    Note the recessed holes in both the case and cover: those will hold some small magnets which I’ll use to keep the lid on.

I imported the resulting design file into my slicing software, which generates the g-code required for the 3D print, and everything looked good.

The print starting to take form.  Total time for the print was around 2.5 hours. dice_case_5

The magnets are a press fit, which highlights how accurate the prints are on this relatively inexpensive machine.