X-Carve CNC

This past Black Friday I jumped on a great offer from Inventables and picked up a new CNC setup.  Inventables is a company out of Chicago which offers just about everything to get started in manufacturing.  Aside from their great CNC machines, they offer slick design softwarematerials, and a large community of users.

The kit shipped in several boxes and each part was very nicely packaged and labeled.  Here is a photos of everything unpacked and lined in.

I picked up the 750mm x 750mm version of the X-Carve, and the usable work area is 500mm x 500mm.  Construction began with laying out the wasteboard and attaching the threaded inserts.  This allows for materials to be clamped easily to the surface using standard M5 screws.

Next up is the construction of the rails, carriages and gantry.

While the construction of the CNC only took a few days, I realized about halfway into the build that I didn’t have a suitable table for this tool.  Shortly after finishing it, I picked up a couple sheets of MDF, some table legs and casters and began construction on a mobile table for the CNC.

Time to get working a project!  I used my usual design tools to come up something to test with my new toy.

I used a piece of wenge veneer over some hard maple to ensure I’d have high contrast in the final product.  I think it worked!