Toy Box

I think I might have overdone it here. The idea was to make a sturdy toy chest that could help us organize the living room toy disaster. A simple box, right? Well, this thing weighs in at about 35 pounds and has 60 pocket holes joining all of the panels. The panels are maple-trimmed oak ply wood at about 3/4″ thick. The cover is the same, except for a small addition of purple heart that serves as a visual hint for its operation.

The finish is one coat of shellac and one coat of boiled linseed and poly for durability. Given the weight of the lid, I wanted to use some kind of lid support. I ended up using gas piston soft close lid supports rated at 150N each, or 65lbs of total weight. The trickiest part of installing these was calculating the correct angle to achieve the right amount of assist during the close.

Perseus wanted to make sure everything was good to go before we presented it, so we conducted a thorough pre-inspection of the interior and finish quality.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. The size is great and it looks wonderful in the living room. Time to clean up!