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(Last Updated On: May 24, 2020)

iRobot’s Roomba is an extremely popular and widely used robotic vacuum cleaner. However, many people still don’t know exactly what a Roomba is capable of. Many people don’t even realize that there are many different models that all do different things when they buy a Roomba.

For example, you may be worried about whether your irobot Roomba will work on your floor type. You may not realize that different models of the Roomba are designed to accommodate hardwood, carpeting or both. 

If you’re looking for great suction power, irobot Roomba is among the best in the industry. But it’s also important to know that Roomba models also have varying levels of suction. So if you’re looking for maximum suction power, you’ll want to choose a newer model. This is because iRobot has actually increased its suction power in their recent models.

This may seem like a lot to take in, and you may be wondering which iRobot will work on your floor. This is important if you have thick carpeting that causes problems with robotic vacuums. If you have questions like does roomba work on thick carpet?, keep reading. We will be addressing your concerns about where your irobot will work.


Does Roomba Work on Thick Carpet?

We all need a good carpet cleaner. iRobot Roomba does in fact work on carpeting, and even thick carpeting! However, you have to know the features to look for to ensure that it will work on your thick carpet.


This is a factor that is especially important for homes that have area rugs or a combination of carpeting and wood flooring. Your iRobot needs to be able to easily make the transition from hard flooring to carpeting without getting caught on the edge. Large wheels and height will make the iRobot able to do this.

Strong Suction:

Carpeting, especially thick carpeting, is guaranteed to hold onto dirt. Because of this, you need a iRobot Roomba that has enough suction power to remove the dirt hiding in the threads of your carpet.

Bigger Dustbin:

Inevitably, a carpet is going to have quite a bit of dirt, crumbs, dust and pet hair, so your vacuum needs to have a dustbin large enough to handle it all. No one wants their Roomba to give up after only cleaning a small portion of the carpet because its dustbin is full.

However, when a Roomba’s dustbin gets full, it gets heavy, and this can have a great effect on the Roomba’s battery life. All that weight really weighs down the machine and the batteries are likely to run out faster than a iRobot Roomba without a large, heavy dustbin.

It’s almost like you have to choose between your iRobot stopping because the dustbin is full or stopping because its batteries have died. It can really be a pain. But thankfully, irobot does have a solution to this dilemma.

The Roomba i7+ comes with a dock that contains a larger dirtbag. When the iRobot Roomba starts to fill up, it will automatically return to the dock to dispose of its waste. This leaves the dirtbin empty and light. The large dirtbin dock will hold an amazing 30 disposals before it needs to be emptied! 

And don’t worry, you don’t absolutely have to have the i7+, the dock is also sold separately! However, it is only compatible with Roomba I series. 

cleaning base

Weight of the Robot Vacuum

Another major problem that arises from trying to use a Roomba on carpeting is carpet piles. These pesky piles will end up running the Roomba out of the way, resulting in the area not being clean. But a heavy Roomba is really going to alleviate that as it won’t get pushed away as easily.

The Roomba 980 is in fact the heaviest iRobot Roomba on the market, and therefore is a great option for carpeting! 

While a heavy Roomba is definitely going to resolve a lot of the issues involved in vacuuming carpets, we know that weight can take a major toll on battery life. A heavy vac is going to die much quicker than a light one.So if long battery life is a must for you, you’ll need to stay away from heavy Roombas.

If you decide to opt for a heavy iRobot to clean through carpet piling, the best thing you can do is watch it, make sure you empty the canister and be prepared for it to stop running after a relatively short time.


But if you find a short life frustrating, know that you can still find a Roomba that will work well on carpeting! You can sacrifice the heavy weight in exchange for a strong suction system. That way, the vacuum relies on strong suction, instead of heavy weight, to get that deep clean you desire. 

How Well is the Roomba Performing?

There are lots of ways you can tell whether or not your Roomba is performing at its maximum ability. Roombas actually come equipped with an indicator light located at the top of the vacuum that tells you how the robot is cleaning. 

A solid blue light means that the vacuum is working hard and it will likely move in a spiral or fan shape. A starfish blue light means that the vacuum’s brush is being slightly compromised, and you need to stop the machine when the brush stops working all together, as it may be jammed with something.

Vacuum without beater brushes

Understand that the biggest threat to a Roomba is shag carpeting. This type of carpeting is very hard for a Roomba to navigate and clean and the shag can jam the vacuum’s brush. But if you have a shag carpet, don’t worry. Thankfully, the vacuum has a helpful Virtual Wall Lighthouse feature that you can use to tell it to avoid the shag carpeting.

With this feature, you can section off certain areas of your house that you don’t want the robot to go. You can do this with any area of your house that may be dangerous, including stairs or your shag carpet. 

Roomba Errors When Cleaning Thick Carpet

If you’re tasking your Roomba with a thick carpet, be prepared for some errors. Problems happen, even when you think your Roomba can handle its task. Thankfully, your robot will tell you when it’s having a problem by beeping, and every beep actually means a different error! This is an extremely smart way that Roomba is designed to tell you exactly what’s up.

Cleaning Errors Table

1 beepRoomba is stuck or hung on a side wheel
2 beepsHair is causing a problem with the Roomba
5 beepsA wheel is stuck or obstructed
6 beepsRoomba is stuck on a cliff or its sensors are dirty
7 beepsA side wheel is stuck or obstructed
8 beepsThe vacuum or the front wheel is stuck
9 beepsEither the bumper sensor or the area between the Roomba and it’s bumper is dirty
10 beepsThe side wheels have stopped spinning

Charging Errors Table

Your irobot will also let you know when it’s having trouble charging. This is extremely handy so you don’t go to start a dead Roomba the next time you want to clean. The roomba’s charging errors are indicated by a series of blinks.

1 blinkThe battery is not connected
2 blinksIt is going to overheat
3 blinksThere is a problem charging the Roomba
5 blinks You need to reset or remove the pull tab
6 blinksThe battery has overheated
7 blinksThe battery is still overheated

Cleaning Better with Your Roomba

At this point, you may be questioning whether or not it’s worth it to try to clean your thick carpet with a Roomba. It certainly seems like there is a lot that can go wrong, but don’t worry! There are quite a few tricks and hacks out there that can help you with the daunting task.

  • Give your vacuum a really good, deep cleaning after every 4 to 8 uses.
  • Make sure you do a detailed job in cleaning the brushes. Keeping the vacuum clean with ensure that it runs well longer!
  • Completely change the filter every 2 to 3 months to make sure the filter is giving you maximum performance.
  • If you know that you clean up dust a lot, remember to empty the dust cleaner.
  • In order to stretch out your vacuum’s battery life, turn off the battery while it is not being used.
  • Get a virtual wall for your Roomba to section off parts of your house where it can’t go. This will keep it away from dangerous areas of your home that could damage the vacuum.


Does roomba work on thick carpet? At the end of the day, certain models are capable of cleaning a thick carpet. Keep in mind that certain models simply aren’t going to be up to the task while others are. The best Roombas for cleaning a thick carpet are 800 series models. After much testing, these models seem to be the best equipped and have the best features for cleaning a thick carpet, including the virtual wall lighthouse.

It’s also important to remember to keep your Roomba well-maintained. If you let your iRobot get damaged and dirty, it’s not going to work as well, no matter what you’re trying to clean. Making sure you buy the right Roomba for the job and maintaining it well will allow you to clean your thick carpet

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